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Distill signal from noise

This is our Vision. Our ultimate destination. This is why Storytell exists.

Life is chaotic, messy and confusing. We can’t do everything about that, but we can do something.


Storytell filters the noise of your life to deliver you signal, answering the question “what matters most – to you?” 

Our goal is to become your companion, making you more effective and satisfied with how you live, how you work, and how you play.


Here’s a snapshot of where we are today and where we are going: 

Let’s start with the future – Storytell as a clarity layer, providing signal wherever you are. 

Today, our Chrome extension works on any kind of content you can open in Google Chrome. Video? Check. Text? Check. A confusing contract that you turned into a Dropbox link? Check.


In addition to our Chrome extension, you can also interact with Storytell via email and via Slack.


How can you use Storytell today to distill signal from noise in your life? Let us show you: 

This is our Mission. The part of the Vision we’re tackling first.

Create,  recommend and transform Story Tiles™

Story Tiles™: The building blocks of Storytell

Everything you experience with Storytell is powered by Story Tiles.™ A Story Tile™ is the smallest "atomic unit" of a piece of content -- a discrete concept that we package up with metadata into a Story Tile.™

Think of a Story Tile™ as an individual frame in the Peanuts cartoon below. When you zoom out, you can see the big picture is comprised of many small frames.


In the same way, longer-form content (a one hour YouTube video, a long article, a business contract, a long email thread, a 90 minute Zoom meeting, etc) is comprised of many individual Story Tiles.™ By creating and recommending these valuable Story Tiles,™ we are able to distill signal from noise for you in valuable ways.

We produce Story Tiles™ by using a proprietary Mercury AI algorithm. You can learn more about Story Tiles™ here.

This is our North Star Metric. We use this formula to measure the success of our Mission in achieving our Vision:

 Measure Storytell's "Effective Reach"

Effective Reach = Total Reach   x   Effective Ratio

 Summarization Volume 


The number of user views of all our Storytell summaries across all our channels (e.g. Slack or our Chrome Extension)

 Chat Volume 


Total number of Chat interactions with users





The number of Story Tiles™ that have gotten ≥ 1 view from users

 Click Volume 

The number of Story Tiles™ our AI leverages as the basis for chat interactions with users

 Story Tiles™ Used by Chat 


 Story Tiles™ Produced 

Story Tiles™ that are created from our Chrome Extension and Slackbot running summaries

 Story Tiles™ Used by Chat 

The number of Story Tiles™ our AI leverages as the basis for chat interactions with users




This is our Strategy. The way we are using our unique assets to execute on our Mission.

The Big Challenge:

"It’s not easy for me to take all the data I want to understand — from multiple sources — and find the meaning among it all. I want to know the patterns and learn from the insights so I can put them to use and create value in the world."

What does it mean to create value in the world? So many things. Some examples:

  • Distill user feedback to build a product people want

  • Turn data into blogs that help millions learn a new skill

  • Give context to people who weren’t present for a meaningful moment

Our Solution:

 We use our Mercury AI algorithm to create, recommend, and transform Story Tiles™ that cut through the noise of your life so you can gain insights and create value.

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