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Our Story

Storytell was founded by Jing, Erika and DROdio in 2022.

We started Storytell because we each had a deep desire to create a simpler, more focused world by distilling signal from noise. 


The Big Challenge:

We lose the most valuable moments of our days — and hence our lives — because the technology simply does not exist to distill signal out of the noise accurately, reliably and at scale.

“I go from meeting to meeting to meeting. I never have time to follow up on the important items, and I end up doing my actual work after I get home at night.” - Vice President, technology company

Our Solution:

We use artificial intelligence to distill valuable moments from the noise of everyday life. We find and categorize these valuable moments into related concepts through our proprietary Mercury v1.0.1 AI algorithm. We transform these related concepts into Story Tiles™, each of which contains a set of unique attributes.

Meet The Storytell Crew


Chief Executive Officer

Superpower: I am relentless. #StartFromYes. More in my ReadMe.

Erika Anderson

Chief Customer Officer

Superpower: I apply my perception and empathy to enable better outcomes in others.

Jing Conan Wang

Chief Technology Officer

Superpower: I always have a growth-mindset and I embrace challenges.

Margaux Dolores

Operations Lead

Superpower: I’m a problem-solver. I am proactive and empowered to always look for solutions.

Lex Piga

Operations Support

Superpower: "Every superhero needs a sidekick." Its my job to help people.

Pat Intervalo

Customer Experience Specialist

uperpower: I am speed — I am quick to pick up things and implement them promptly! Ka-chow! 

Jai Jose

Content Manager

Superpower: I have a thirst for knowledge— for my own consumption and to pass unto others.

Parker Crist

Staff Backend/Machine Learning Engineer

Superpower: I am great at lateral thinking. I am able to quickly generate creative solutions to problems that seem initially unsolvable

Alfred Ajay Rajakumar

Backend/Machine Learning Engineer

Superpower: I am good at looking at the broader picture and coming up with new optimal and more fundamental solutions for challenging problems

Taha Zia

Fullstack Software Engineer

Superpower: I love solving puzzles which allows me to breakdown complex problems and find optimal solutions.

Emma Cochrane

Customer Experience Lead

Superpower: Relationship-building. I love learning about other people’s likes and dislikes. It doesn’t matter if you’re a colleague or a customer; each person is an opportunity to learn something new. How exciting is that?

Ryan Fritsch

Rapid Prototyping Engineer

Superpower: I am product-minded, and enjoy creating experiences that delight.

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