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Customer Experience Lead


San Mateo, CA, USA

(or remote within US timezones)

Job Type:






About the Role:

Which Objectives is this role tied to:

We drive alignment and focus via our Vision, Mission, Strategy and OKRs. Learn more.

  • Deeply understand our users

  • Scale the feedback 1:1 ratio with user growth

  • Understand all user feedback

  • Gain deep expertise on the CX team

About the Role:

Storytell is hiring for our very first customer-facing leadership role. The candidate should be extremely capable, willing to get their hands dirty, excited about joining an early-stage company, and thrives off of the pressures and challenges of working in an unstructured environment.

At Storytell, user experience is everyone's priority. As such, your role will be to understand each and every user at a level of depth where you can unify and amplify their feedback, experience, and desired outcomes and share it back to every level of the org. Business and revenue growth is driven by delivering recurring user value and we look for our ideal candidate to drive that continuum here at Storytell.

Job responsibilities:

This is the scope of work the job entails — although we are all Crew, so we help each other succeed outside of these core responsibilities

  • Establishing and operating an exceptional support experience to drive issue resolutions at warp speed.

  • Establishing a strong feedback loop between Customer Experience, Product, Engineering, and C-Level by aligning on key objectives and putting users at the forefront of Storytell's strategy.

  • Building out systems, tooling, and processes for Customer Experience, and potentially hiring and grooming a remotely distributed team of passionate, user-centric superstars.

This Role Reports to: Erika Anderson, Chief Customer Officer

Requirements for this role:

These are the minimum requirements we are looking for in this role

  • 3+ years in a customer-facing role in a startup environment

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills that resonate with C-level executives as well as technical counterparts

  • Strong analytical skills and a thirst to use those skills to understand user experience and behavior

  • Experience building organizations from the ground up, with proven abilities to retain top talent, grow distributed teams and unify cross-functional departments towards one purpose.

  • Disposition: curious, incredibly driven, a desire to connect with others and an ability to do so

  • Superb listening skills to deeply understand our users and everyone within the org

  • Scrappy; you know how to hustle when the time comes down to it (aka always)

  • Can hack together solutions when the problem isn’t well-defined

  • Understands how to unblock yourself

The ideal candidate also has:

The ideal candidate will also have these skills in addition to the minimums above

  • Strong understanding of the AI/ML space to understand how the technology can drive positive value for users and their businesses

  • Developed business acumen

  • Deeply intimate with all the inner workings of CX

What does "Great" look like for this role?

This is how you'll know you're performing this job at a level of excellence

  • Continually improving our systems and processes of your own accord

  • Distilling signal from noise from our users

  • Hit the ground running and show us what’s possible

We will happily sponsor H1-B Visa.
Learn about our Vision, Mission and Strategy:

Storytell is distilling signal from noise by creating and recommending Story Tiles™.

We are building AI-driven platform that converts any content into Story Tiles™ and uses AI & ML to create useful knowledge — “stories” — to break down organizational silos internally, and fuel go-to-market and recruiting efforts externally.

Dig into our Vision, Mission and Strategy here.

Our Shared Values:

We believe that being aligned on our shared values is the foundation of how we build, belong, and how we show up for each other and to the broader ecosystem. You can find our shared values here.

How We Work Together:

There are many ways to build an amazing company culture and we’re on our journey to define ours. So we ask you for your investment, participation, and intentionality in co-creating the unique culture at Storytell.

We believe in hiring the best talent around the globe; that’s why we have a “distributed first” mindset. For our first dozen hires, we are prioritizing candidates in time zones in or close to US Pacific time to help us collaborate together.


We intentionally look for those who are a value add to our culture. We have internal compensation band transparency to ensure equal pay. We default to asynchronous communication. By reducing the number of meetings, we can build a scalable asynchronous culture and enable us to collaborate across time zones as we grow.

Though we are distributed, we know that nothing replaces the connection that is created in person. That’s why we prioritize in-person offsites, and pay for a WeWork office near you. Each department is empowered and enabled with a healthy budget to hold department-level offsites.

We believe that the small things in work-life really matter and add up. Micro-moments of connection during our work days are essential. We use quarterly OKRs that map to annual goals to ensure that we’re all focused on the most meaningful and impactful work that aligns with our business goals.

Don't Meet Every Single Requirement?

Studies have shown that women and people of color are less likely to apply to jobs unless they meet every single qualification. At Storytell we are dedicated to building a diverse, inclusive and authentic workplace, so if you’re excited about this role but your past experience doesn’t align perfectly with every qualification in the job description, we encourage you to apply anyways. You may be just the right candidate for this or other roles.

We offer you an opportunity to:

  • Work directly with our C-level executive team

  • Exercise your problem-solving skills

  • Learn the fundamentals of a startup

  • Grow in your career journey through support on many dimensions, such as:

  • 1:1s

  • Regular trainings

  • Learning and practicing clean communication

  • Build our systems and processes

  • Make a huge contribution to the future of Storytell, AI – and the world!

  • We will support you if you want to become a Founder someday

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