Work is Expensive to Produce.

Why is it mostly single-use and internal?

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Storytell transforms the 
day-to-day work you're already doing

into fuel so your organization can
sell, recruit and scale more effectively.

Incredible TL;DR content summaries

Drop your videos, Zoom recordings, and transcripts into Slack -- Storytell will automatically create a summary so you can share context across your org.

What questions were asked in the content?

Share them within your organization with one click to get all the answers.

Understand engagement tone

Were participants leaned in or out?

Track decisions & action items

Stop forgetting who committed to what

What needs to be checked out?

Does someone need to close the loop?

Understand feelings & needs

What feelings did participants have?

What needs did they express?

"My architecture team uses Storytell in our meetings
and finds it very useful."
- Brandon, Director of Engineering

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Did Joe miss the meeting again?

Share the Storytell with Joe

so he can catch up on what he missed

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Share the "Secret Link" with Anyone

The CEO doesn't use Slack?

No problem.

Full Storytell Report 081322.png

Transform any internal meeting into an external asset with one click


Did sales just do a killer customer demo?


What if you could automatically create a public blog post around the features that are resonating on sales calls?

Easily transform any Storytell summary into a long-form blog post, a shorter social media post, or even a song.


Our AI system will create the draft post, and you can assign it one of our human technical writers with one click.

Marketing will love you.

Everyone has needs.
Storytell helps you understand them. 

Let's face it. Humans run on relationships,

and relationships run on emotions.

Storytell analyzes the feelings and needs expressed in your meetings to help you be more effective.

Full Storytell Report 081322.png

The Big Challenge:

We lose the most valuable moments of our days — and hence our lives — because the technology simply does not exist to distill signal out of the noise accurately, reliably and at scale.

“I go from meeting to meeting to meeting. I never have time to follow up on the important items, and I end up doing my actual work after I get home at night.” - Vice President, technology company

Our Solution:

We use artificial intelligence to distill valuable moments from the noise of everyday life. We find and categorize these valuable moments into related concepts through our proprietary Mercury v1.0.1 AI algorithm. We transform these related concepts into Story Tiles™, each of which contains a set of unique attributes.

Learn more about our Vision, Mission and Strategy

Want a full demo?

"Holy *&&^%% - this was 100% automatically generated?"

Tech CEO

"This is so scarily accurate my mind is blown."

VP Learning & Development

"I'd say you are the `Blinkist` of everything!"

VP at a Fortune 500 Company

“With Storytell, I was able to spend 5 minutes getting full context on a 35-minute meeting I missed, and I shared the Storytell report on Slack with other colleagues who I also wanted to bring up to speed. Just incredible!”

- VP at a Series D Technology Company